Understanding The Sous Chef


A sous chef de cuisine which in French means ‘under-chef’ of the kitchen, is a chef who is second in command in a kitchen ranking next after the executive chef. This chef has multiple responsibilities and if well performed, can be promoted to executive chef.

This chef oversees all operations in a kitchen and reports directly to the executive chef. For a successful kitchen, the sous chef should have the following skills;

Attention to detail

The kitchen is a field of science and a chef who is attentive is an asset. From the temperature of each food to the measurements of the ingredients, every detail should be accurate. Lack of attention can ruin meals and in turn cost the establishment clients and profit.


Chefs should be immaculately clean. Dealing with food should have a high degree of hygiene due to the potential of infecting food with bacteria that could be deadly. Lack of proper hygiene will render your hotel a health hazard.

Culinary expertise

The ability to cook and proper knowledge of the kitchen is paramount for the success of the establishment. This brad skill includes a variety of smaller skills which include knife skills and tasting skills. They also need to be skilled at recognizing flavors and judging the balance of seasonings.


Chefs should be open minded when it comes to incorporating new food items into their menu as well as improving old recipes. This display of creativity and imagination will keep clients interested.

Quick decision making

A kitchen is a fast-paced environment and a chef has to be quick at making decision to avoid wasting time.

Leadership skills

A good sous chef will encourage and motivate his juniors. Through good communication, he/she should be able to keep everyone working at a fast, efficient pace.


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