Be the Best Bartender in Town With These Tips


Bartenders are the light of the party if well trained. They are responsible for mixing and serving drinks to customers. They can make the experience either dry, or exciting and they make an effective marketing tool.

If you think all they have to do is simply serve drinks, you’re wrong. Like any other employee in the hospitality industry, rest assured that in order to make it in this industry, you need to stand out in your service quality and your communication skills.

Here is what hoteliers look for in a bartender;

Knowledge of product

You need to know what you’re selling. Have a background of each drink, where it originates from, what it’s served best with, the alcohol content and basically why you would recommend it to certain clientele. Having this knowledge saves you from embarrassment when a guest asks questions.

Sharp memory 

Remembering and keeping track of a clients’ drink is impressive. A good bartender doesn’t need to keep asking a client what drink they are having. They should be able to capture the drift once a client orders once or twice.

Knowing the names of clients who frequent the establishment is a plus.

Good communication skills

When on your shift, you will need to occasionally speak to clients. For effective communication, you need to be audible and eloquent. You also need to be a good listener, ensure your clients are well taken care of.


When mixing drinks, you need to be as different and entertaining as possible. This will keep the clients coming back, if not for the music. Ensure even if you are creative, be careful not to make a mess or hit clients while trying to impress them. Make sure you have enough practice before showing off.


Juggling multiple tasks is the name of the game. Ensure you keep track of who has ordered what drinks, who hasn’t and who has paid for their drinks. This will help you avoid mistakes that could cost your job.

Also ensure your bar is stocked fully to avoid wasting time when a client needs a drink that happens to be at the store.


Do not be quick to respond to a rather rude or drunk client. The task in itself is stressful, adding meaningless cases will just derail your process. Respond politely within your rights.



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