Get The Perfect General Manager For Your Hotel


A hotel manager is very important for the success of the establishment, and finding a good manager who understands all the hotel operations takes time.

The qualities of a good hotel manager are numerous and must be met for the smooth operation of the hotel. When looking for a good manger, consider the following skills before you make your decision;

Great communication skills

General managers are the face of the hotel and having excellent communication skills is necessary for the success of the establishment. They should be able to solve conflicts among staff and those pertaining clients in an ethical and professional manner thus this skill should be taken seriously.

Detail oriented

For a guest to have an unforgettable experience, a hotel manager should be vigilant enough to ensure that every detail from the safety features to changing flowers in the lobby is taken care of. The manager is in charge of delegation, and should ensure all the hotel staff are kept busy during their shift. He/she oversees all the operations of the establishment.

Leadership skills

A hotel manager should have the confidence of a leader. He/she should be able to lead and make decisions wisely, delegate duties to all staff, be a good listener and resolve conflicts. From guests to staff to maintenance, hotels have so many moving parts that a strong leader is needed to ensure the success of the unit.

Financial management skills

Hotel managers should be able to read financial reports, understand basic financial concepts and analyze financial data.

Operational knowledge

A fundamental basis of hotel operational knowledge is very important. Being a manager in itself isn’t enough, understanding the hotel industry business is the basis of being a hotel manager.

Team building skills

Keep in mind that the guests will notice a bad aora when they walk in a room. It is important to solve every employee issues before dealing with the guests to ensure they serve to the best of their ability avoiding all stresses. The guests appreciate when the staff serves with a smile.


The hotel industry is filled with unforeseen situations which require quick reactions. A general manager should be flexible enough to tackle any arising issue and fix it before it is noticed by the guests.

Once you find a manager with the above skills, don’t hesitate to employ them for the post.

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