How Training Goes a Long Way In Expanding Your Hotel Business


The hospitality industry has broad expertise, a variety of positions that are of different levels. It is important that training is done because in the end, regardless of their rank, they all represent your brand and what you want to portray.

Proper training is very important especially in the service industry as this could mean the success or failure of the company.

Below are some of the reasons why;

Culture of the company


Training the staff on the culture of the hotel is very important. From the way the waiters serve, to the way the receptionists welcome the guests, the way the towels are folded in the room to the way the housekeeper makes the bed, all the hotel activities should be similar especially hotels with chains all over the world. For example; the Intercontinental hotel in Europe, USA, Middle east, and Africa, should all have the same culture.

Enhancing and encouraging talent

It is normal for hotel workers to start from basic levels, and the only way to find out their potential is through training. This is important because staff growth is important as well.

Enhancing their communication skills is paramount for improvement of guest experience, which should be equal across the board. Through training, diverse skills will be recognized and the staff will be able to do more rather than sticking to the same duties.

Conflict resolution

Training involves teaching the staff conflict resolution skills. This is because there will always occur situations where there’s conflict among the guests, between the staff and guests or even among the staff themselves. Having this skill enables them to settle a conflict without necessarily involving the manager or supervisor, making them independent.

Safety training

A hotel is a huge facility with a lot of people. Health hazards can occur at any moment. The staff should be trained on how to deal with any situation that would occur at the workplace such as fires, some form of attack, accidents in the kitchen or anywhere in the hotel. With safety and first aid training, they will be able to depend on themselves. Training on how to use a fire extinguisher, the exits available in case of a fire or even a terrorist attack. This will go a long way in ensuring they respond faster.

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