Waiter of the Month! Get Those Tips By Being Good At Your Job


Being a waiter/ waitress is actually an opportunity in disguise. You get to meet different people on a daily basis. You can make it as good as you want it to be or a terrible experience as well. The way you conduct yourself will either expose you to opportunities or hinder them.

A good waiter/waitress has to be a social person, always have a smile on your face, greet your guests and welcome them ensuring they’re comfortable before they order. Offer them the menu and suggest the day’s special and any discounts. Have good knowledge of the menu, the prices, where each meal is found.

As a waitress, you should refrain from giving false information, for your gain or to please the guest. This will be very embarrassing when it comes back to you and the guest decides to report you, this could cost your job and label you as a dishonest person.

When your guests order, take the shortest time possible to bring what they ask for. Once you arrive with their orders, make sure you are calm, do not be clumsy, serve them placing everything neatly on the table and with a smile. Do not talk over their food, just step back and tell them to enjoy. Do not hover over them but check up on them every now and then just in case they need something else.

When serving guests, your appearance should be appealing. make sure you’re clean, from your attire to your nails and your hair. Make sure what needs to be covered up is covered. That in itself allows guests to trust you with their meals. Keeps them coming back.

You are allowed to ask for their feedback on the meal and service. This is important so that the restaurant is able to improve where they need to.

When you ensure satisfaction of your guest, you ensure you not only keep your job, but you will be in a position to grow through networking, be the employee of the month and collect those tips.


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