Get Your Dream Chef Job By Learning The Skills Below to Attract Potential Employers


A good chef might just be the back bone of a restaurant. Restaurants are rated by their food, among other things. The quality, quantity and uniqueness in presentation can mean the success or failure of an establishment.

With that said, it is very important to get a chef who will bring the best out of your restaurant. With the diversity of our cultures, and the inclusion of cultures from all over the world, there is a huge range of specialty, and it is up to you to decide whether your restaurant will be niche specific or will be diverse in the dishes they offer.

Once you make your decision, you will then know what kind of chef you are looking for. In order to know you have found a good chef, you need to consider the following qualities;

  • Their cooking skills should be top-notch. That’s the first and most important factor. During an interview, the chef should be able to comfortably cook the dish of your choice and wow you. They should also cook their most authentic dish and leave you licking your fingers.

  • Their experience in management is paramount. It is an added bonus for a chef to be able to tackle the management questions in a restaurant such as inventory, managing food costs, creating a unique menu and daily specials, the budget, how he controls theft and spoilage, knowledge on health and safety in the kitchen.
  • His opinion on the restaurant and the menu. His take on what will improve it, and what dishes he could include to make it better. What he thinks on the advertising done so far, promotions and pricing. He should have done his background check on the restaurant so he can have valid opinions.

  • His reasons for leaving his current job could increase or reduce his chances of getting the job. Ask him what appeals to him most about the position you are offering. His experiences good or bad working in other organizations and what he learnt and what he could do to improve the situation. His take working with a team and his leadership skills.

I believe with this information, you will guarantee your restaurant is sorted with a chef who will create memorable meals that will keep guests coming back.


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